Our Mission

The mission is clear and ambitious – prevent textiles from ending up in landfills while actively pursuing circular solutions for textile waste - a pathway to genuine circularity and Net Carbon neutrality for our client partners.

This initiative not only seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of textile waste but also envisions partnerships and collaborative endeavours that push the boundaries of research and innovation. By transforming waste into a resource, we strive to contribute to a more sustainable and circular approach within the textile industry.

The Challenge – this is our ‘Why?’

It’s widely acknowledged that approx. 180,000 tonnes of textile and clothing waste is being dumped in New Zealand landfills every year. This equates to a staggering 3.5 tonnes every 10 minutes or 34kg each year for every person living in New Zealand!

There has not been a Sustainable, Scalable and Circular end-to-end solution to recycling textiles, until now. This solution extends beyond Recycling and enters the Circular Economy.

At ImpacTex, we view waste as a resource. We believe that sustainability leads to better outcomes for everyone but especially for our future generations.

Through innovative approaches to textile recycling and recovery, ImpacTex increases the lifespan of unwanted garments, uniforms, linen and textiles through our incredible 100% recycled and 100% Recyclable panels.

Chosen by hundreds of local and global brands, retailers and businesses, ImpacTex collect and process end-of-life textiles. Through our unique process we are able to either:

  • donate resaleable clothing to charities and social organisations or
  • convert what would be deemed end-of-life textile waste into a sustainable and genuinely circular resource

By leading the textile waste initiative, towards a genuinely Circular model we aim to drive radical change in the way we view waste and make a genuine Impact on our environment.

Recycled Textiles in 3 Colours - Impactex

Our Solution

Since opening our doors in January 2022 - when we sat staring at a single 11kg carton for the month 😊 - in just 26 months, we diverted 250 tonnes of textile waste from being sent to landfill, preventing an estimated 800,000 kg of greenhouse gases from polluting our atmosphere.

We’ve activated and are evolving a transparent operating model to minimise waste by converting textiles into a valuable and Circular resource using onshore solutions. This has already given dozens of local and international organisations the confidence to include ImpacTex in their Sustainability story.

ImpacTex receives clean textiles, and our team meticulously sorts, grades, and identifies the suitable end-of-life channel for each item. Security of branded goods is paramount and our restricted entry, 24/7 monitored facility ensures secure handling and processing.

With the permission of our brand and corporate partners, we distribute items fit for reuse to our trusted charity partners.

Buttons, zips, and all hardware is removed from the remaining uniforms and garments before being sent off for further processing. By maximising the potential of this textile waste, we create a high-value upcycled rigid panel product.

The use of these panels is only limited by your imagination. As an alternative to cardboard, polyurethane, and polystyrene, they are being used for acoustic panelling, indoor/outdoor signage, protective packaging, and in-store displays. Regardless of what you create, when these panels have reached their use-by date, you can return it to us and recycle it again and again.

Commitment to Improving Social Outcomes for Our Local Communities

Since its inception, ImpacTex has been dedicated to fostering a positive change for the future, particularly for upcoming generations. Our initial focus centred on environmental initiatives, driven by our bold ambition to eliminate textile waste from New Zealand landfills and revolutionise the textile sector for the better. However, we've come to realise that our mission extends beyond Environmental stewardship; we also have the opportunity to make a meaningful social impact.

This realisation has spurred us to take concrete actions, resulting in the donation of over 9 tonne (~22,000 items) of garments and homewares to our Social Impact Partners on behalf of our Textile Waste Impact Partners within just two years!

Social Impact - ImpacTex NZ
Social Impact - ImpacTex NZ
Social Impact - ImpacTex NZ
Social Impact - ImpacTex NZ

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