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Recycled textile waste into Recyclable panels

Reducing Waste

Utilising Waste as a Resource reduces the impact on our Environment

New Zealand's most trusted and recognised solution for textile recovery and genuinely circular recycling.

Waste isn’t Waste until we Waste it.

We are a wholly NZ-owned commercial textile recovery and Upcycling Innovator. Social and Environmental Sustainability for our future generations is at our heart.

Through innovative approaches to textile recycling and recovery, ImpacTex increases the lifespan of unwanted garments, uniforms, linen and textiles through our incredible 100% recycled and 100% Recyclable panels, ReTex.

Together, we’re striving to create a future where sustainability is not just a choice but an integral part of every business journey. Welcome to a new era of conscientious collaboration – welcome to ImpacTex.

Our Services

Divert & Collect

Forkholst with bulk bag - ImpacTex NZ Recycle Bins - ImpacTex NZ

Our tailored solutions offer a convenient and accessible way for your business to contribute to reducing textile waste. Our Impact Partners either send us their end-of-life garments direct or call on our ImpacTex Logistics team ( to arrange freight, courier, rental bins or standard pickups.


Social Impact - ImpacTex NZ

With a commitment to our Social Impact Partners, our sort process provides opportunities to donate resaleable clothing to charities, social enterprises and not-for-profits.

This approach not only helps reduce waste but also supports organisations that can distribute your end-of-life clothing to our local communities and especially people and families in need!

Recycle / Upcycle

Recycled Textile Panels - ImpacTex NZ

When textiles are not suitable for wear, our Recycle/Upcycle process comes into play. In New Zealand, we have developed a revolutionary material called ReTex, which has versatile applications such as packaging, acoustic panelling, corporate giftware, indoor/outdoor signage, merchandising displays and much more.

By transforming these end-of-life textiles, together we’re not only diverting them from landfills but also creating a Sustainable Alternative to products made from virgin non-sustainable materials, such as corflute, polystyrene and fibreglass.


This first step in our Recovery process is crucial in ensuring the most appropriate recovery channel for each textile item. Our trained team meticulously sort and grade the garments, to identify whether they are suitable for:

  • Reuse via donation to our Social partners or
  • Repurposing via donation to our network of creative designers and artists or
  • Recycling via our manufacturing partners
Sorting Clothes for Recycling - ImpacTex NZ


Items that are branded (uniforms) or not deemed suitable for resale by our Social Partners are meticulously prepared for the next stage of recycling. This is a particularly crucial stage of the process to ensure there are no foreign objects and ‘hardware’ remaining on the garments prior to our Recycle/Upcycle process.

Recycling Textiles - ImpacTex NZ


In today's world, consumers and investors alike are increasingly seeking environmental transparency from the companies they choose to align with. It has become a crucial factor in earning trust and validating their commitment.

These reports provide independent emissions accountability, offering heightened visibility to both internal and external stakeholders. By opting for this service, you can efficiently monitor and manage your pathway to Net Zero and demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability Reporting - ImpacTex NZ

Our Impact Partners

Nothing could happen without our Impact Partner Network who work alongside us to drive both a positive Environmental Impact, but also a positive Social Impact.

Together we’re working towards a future in which resources are no longer wasted and where Sustainability, Commercial success and improved Social Outcomes are intertwined.

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